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Free PHP Hosting

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Everybody likes to get free things. When it comes to web hosting, there are two types of pricing on the case. You either get the payable web hosting or the free one. Most people will usually get attracted to the free package, which is very understandable. What people forget to look at is the terms and conditions that come with these free web hosting providers. As there are advantages that come with this free package, it is also important to be well aware that there are also disadvantages. This article will tackle some of the good and bad of getting free php hosting.

Though one does not pay a thing for the web hosting, your server is overworked with thousands of other accounts that are there for the dame thing as you, “free package”. Operating from this kind of server, your customers find it really hard to access your information since other websites are fighting for the same bandwidth as you are. This creates an overload and is not very effective.

Free web hosting is very good for students who are opting to get into the website scene. It is also suitable for those looking to start a website but are running low on the cash required. However, if one wants to open an official website for business, free web hosting is not the best way to go. First of all, you are not provided with enough disk space to cater for all your needs and you have limited control over your website. You will usually be provided with low space and this is not suitable for expanding your business. You cannot display your products with large pictures as the host limits you from that.

Non-profit organizations can take advantage of these types of hosting since they too are not making any money from their websites. However, if your site is meant to bring you profit, then you might want to think twice when going for the free package. When you go to web hosting companies that require a fee from you, you are usually provided with unlimited tools to create your own website. With the free package, you only get some of the tools. For instance, you don’t get permission to use FTP script. You may also be denied from using a script like MySQL as they may not be supported. Lacking these scripts in your website may prevent you from starting a forum in your website.

If the website you are opening is for family use like sharing pictures and moments, then you wouldn’t mind going for the free web hosting service. The host has rights to display any content like banners and pop-up windows on your website and you have little control over it. When it comes to a business website, your customers will not be pleased with the constant interruptions and you may even loose important clients. If you are thinking of going for free MySQL hosting or free asp hosting, it is very important to consider all the factors mentioned.

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