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Overcoming Mental Blocks for Inspiring Sports Success

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Are there sports situations that you dread facing? Is there an opponent who always seems to get the upper hand over you in a game? Is there a team whom you have never beaten despite numerous encounters? Is there a timing you have never beaten in all your running years? All these are examples of mental blocks that athletes commonly encounter that restrain them from inspiring sports success. Over time, they just get worse and worse if left unaddressed. Mental blocks are actually fuelled by a chronic lack of self-confidence. To overcome mental blocks for sports success you would have to use one or more of the following methods for success.

1. Raise your standards of performance

In order for you to stand a chance to overcome your ‘bogey’ opponent or beat an elusive timing, you must first be up to par or better than your opponents in terms of your abilities and skills. Until that stage is reached, all the sports psychology techniques will be fruitless. There is no short cut to this matter. Raise your playing standards so that you can allow effective sports psychology techniques to be the deciding factor for success.

2. Visualize success under a different context

Mental blocks occur because you are always dealing with the same opponents. Why not change the opponents in your mind. When you visualize playing a different opponent while actually playing them, the mind is responding differently. Consequently, the results and outcomes will be different. With enough practice, it is actually possible for your mind to think and see different opponents. When that happens, you are no longer focused on your opponents, but the sports tasks ahead of you. You will no longer react to your opponents but to their actions. In this way, the body will explore new ways to overcome the obstacles for inspiring sports success.

3. Practice positive self-talk to change your beliefs

In order for you to visualize success under and different context, positive self-talk is the main technique to use. These techniques must be practiced extensively before, during and after the game. Positive self talk also instills greater confidence into your mind thus allowing it to respond in a greater capacity for inspiring sports success. Most importantly, positively self-talk creates successes in your mind which will be translated into the results. When there is a will, there will be a way.

4. Create artificial successes

Part of mental block is that the athlete has not experienced a situation before. If you have never beaten your ‘bogey’ team, that experience is not yours yet. You desire to experience it but you are unable to reach it yet. What you can do is artificially create similar successes before the actual game so that you overcome this lack of success. You can create these artificial circumstances by getting another opponent to play against. Dress this opponent like your real opponents. Let them play like them as well. You can even name them like your real opponent. By beating this artificial opponent, you are actually experiencing inspiring sports success against them. In this way, when you take on the real opponents, you would have beaten them before.

Mental blocks can be really difficult to overcome if you do not know what the root cause to the problem is. The main reason for mental blocks is a fear and a lack of confidence for inspiring sports success. Once you know it is due to confidence, you can start to deal with this lack of confidence using appropriate sports psychology techniques.

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