Odd Sports Trivia

If I Only Had a Brain and Other Odd Sports Trivia

Do you consider yourself a sports aficionado? You may know all the teams, players and scores but did you know this odd sports trivia…..

1) Several former NFL players have donated their brains to the Boston University Medical School.

o True

o False

2) Which NFL team led the league in player arrests for 2003-2005?

o Atlanta Falcons

o Minnesota Vikings

o Tampa Bay Buccaneers

o Washington Redskins

3) In 2008, the Grand Prairie Airhogs offered which of the following as a stadium giveaway?

o 1% Ownership of the Team

o Air

o Naked Bobblehead

o Free Funeral

4) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played a substitute teacher on what sitcom?

o Facts of Life

o Growing Pains

o Different Strokes

o Family Ties

5) Which of the following sports has an organized unicycle association?

o Hockey

o Rugby

o Soccer

o Jai-Alai

6) Who invented 9 pin bowling?

o Queen Elizabeth

o Martin Luther

o George Washington

o Plato

7) Which of the following was formally an Olympic Sport?

o Tug-Of-War

o Rope Climbing

o Obstacle Race – Swimming

o Polo


1) True. The Center for the study of Traumatic Encephalopathy is analyzing the long-term effects of concussions. Currently, this research can only be completed post-mortem. Many players state they suffer long-term effects from numerous concussions. However, the NFL is still researching these effects and expects to release a more formal report in 2010. Now, that is really odd sports trivia.

2) Minnesota Vikings. In 2005, several players boarded their own version of the “Love Boat” for an x-rated party. In 2004, three players were arrested after a bar fight in Minneapolis’s Warehouse District. Apparently, this team believes in playing on and off the field together.

3) Free Funeral. During their inaugural season, the Airhogs teamed up with another new-comer to town: Chapel of Roses Funeral Home. One lucky (?) fan received an all-expense paid funeral; at least this fan will be prepared for his third strike. If you think that was odd sports trivia, what until you try the next question.

4) Different Strokes. Although, Kareem had numerous cameo appearances, this was the first time he actually played a character other than himself. There was a stark difference between the 7′ Kareem and 4’8″ Gary Coleman.

5) Hockey. According to the International Unicycle Hockey Organization, there are numerous teams through-out the world including in the United States. The game is played similar to ice-hockey except the players are on unicycles.

6) Martin Luther. Bowling was a part of German religious life. If a person was able to knock down the pins, they were said to be of good character. If not, a person had to perform penance. What does your bowling average say about you?

7) All of the above: Tug of War, Rope Climbing, Obstacle Race – Swimming and Polo. All four events were Olympic events at one time during the 20th Century.

Hope you enjoyed this odd sports trivia!

Source by Candis Reade

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