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Adults Sports Theme Party

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Tips on how to organize a successful adults sport theme party:

1. Send invitations and after the party, thank you letters, with the chosen sports theme.

2. As a host, help your guest get into the party spirit by putting on an outfit that reflects entirely the theme of the party. If your party’s theme is baseball, put on an Old Tyme Baseball uniform including black stripes for men or a Fantasy player outfit including a red, white and blue zip front dress with double flounce hem, hat, belt, gloves and inflatable bat, for women. If your party is about Nascar, put on a sexy race crew outfit or dress up like a penalizer referee if you’re having a football theme party.

3. Make your guests get into the party’s theme from the moment they step in. Order a custom banner and anchor it somewhere at the entrance.

4. Turn the party location into a playground. Get a wall mural. It’s easy to handle and it will definitely help you make an impact on your guests. Upon your theme party, get a Baseball or a Pebble Beach Wall Mural. The latter is every golf player’s dream location. If you’re throwing out a party for surfers, bring the sea or the ocean into your house with a beach scene setter. Some superb add-ons to this landscape could be a few inflatable palm trees with inflatable coconuts or a 24” Prismatic Sun Balloon with a two-sided design.

5. Reflect the party’s theme into to the smallest details. Light you drinks with football shaped ice cubes; get bowling, baseball or basketball shaped candles, depending on your party’s theme; have gymnastics napkins, basketball cooler or soccer water bottles.

6. Organize small contests during your party and reward your winning guests with ,bronze, silver and golden medals and even a trophy.

7. Provide tools for your guests to cheer it for their favorite players during the contests you organize within the party. Could be ,boas, pom poms, spirit wigs or afro wigs.

8. If you and your friends are gathering to watch a favorite team or player’s performance, make sure you have everything you need for some noise. Baseball horns or baseball tambourines are perfect for a baseball game.

9. In case some of your guests don’t come prepared for a sports theme party, you should have at hand party items like baseball or basketball hats, colorful sports eyeglasses, princess bowling shirts, football shirts or football beads.

10. Be cost-effective in organizing your sports theme party. For a baseball party you can get a Home Run Derby Pack including basic items like baseball maracas, horns, clackers, hats, tambourines and medallions. For a football party, you can go for a kit customized with your favorite team’s symbols like aTampa Bay Buccaneers Kit or San Diego Chargers Kit.

Organizing a sports theme party is a lot of fun even for adults. Make sure you organize everything to the smallest details in order to reflect the chosen sports theme.

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