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Sources of Medical Help for People with No Insurance

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Most people think that acquiring medical help for people with no insurance is nearly impossible, and ro some extent they’re right. It’s almost impossible in this day and age to acquire medical help for people with no insurance, ‘almost’ being the operative word. However there’s still a slight chance to help those who are unable to afford insurance policies.

Possible Sources of Medical Help for People with No Insurance

According to the 2006 Annual Social and Economic Supplement to the Current Population Survey, the rate of uninsured people in the United States has increased by three points at 15.9% from the previous 15.6%. This means that approximately forty-seven million people today are living day to day without the protection of health insurance.

If you or a friend of yours belongs to this group, here are several possible options to choose from when the need to obtain medical help arises.

Personal Borrowing.

Naturally, the first person you’d consider asking for help would be someone you know. Indeed, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re to find a survey that attests to how medical help for people with no insurance, in most cases, are provided by friends, relatives, or colleagues of the patient.

Personal borrowing however is never an easy decision to make. Firstly, it has the power to affect and change the relationship between borrower and lender. It could require sacrificing your pride or compromising your friendship. It could create conflict if you realize you’re unable to pay back the money you owe on time.

Mortgages and Loans.

The second possible source of medical help for people with no insurance are mortgage and loan providers. You may not have cash right now, but you may also have certain properties or assets in your name. If these assets can be mortgaged or used as collateral, you may be able to obtain sufficient funds to take care of your expenses.

Public Hospitals and Clinics

The options mentioned previously shouldn’t be your primary choices. Medical help for people with no insurance may be provided for free at public hospitals and clinics. If your injuries or illness is not that serious, you may not even have to pay a cent for your medical bills. But you do have to provide sufficient proof first that you genuinely do not have any means right now to foot your medical expenses.

Government Programs

Medical help for people with no insurance can also be achieved for free or at extremely reduced costs if these people can fulfill certain requirements. Minors, for instance, have a good chance of attaining medical help for free even if these people have no insurance because most, if not all, state governments have established welfare programs to take care of the youth. People who belong to the minority like Native American tribes also have a chance of attaining medical help for free or at low costs by looking for a government program that’s primarily designed for their race.

This option obviously requires you to conduct extensive research, but they offer better rewards than other alternatives.

Charitable Aid

Asking for help from a charitable or non-profitable organization is usually considered by many as their last resort, because for them it is akin to admitting that they are totally without resources to solve their problems. If you’ve reached this point of your life, be glad at least that charitable organizations do exist because all you need to do is state your problem in clear and concise terms – some people play dirty by making themselves sound as pitiful as possible – and then simply wait for the verdict.

Alternative Medications

Keep in mind that medicine comes in a variety of forms, so if you can’t obtain traditional medical help for your problems, you can always search for alternative means like herbal medication, acupuncture, or even meditation if you think it can help improve your situation.

As alternative medications still haven’t been completely approved by medical professionals, you have to be extremely careful when choosing which medication or treatment you’d use. Alternative medications and treatments may be cheaper, but they involve a higher amount of risk as well.

Be sure to research extensively about your preferred treatment or medication and if possible have a medical professional check as well before ingesting or attempting anything.

As you can see, there are various sources of medical help for people with no insurance so it ultimately depends on how hard you work to obtain what you want.

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