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Overweight Life Insurance

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If someone is outside the preferred category of life insurance, many health questions must be asked in order to find them the very best policy. If shoppers do not answer honestly or omit something, they might end up being declined. At best, they will have not obtained a realistic best quote. So most people are careful to give their health details to enable their agents to get them the lowest price they actually qualify for.

If agents are selling to those outside the preferred category of life insurance, they must carry many product choices to cover every situation. There are policies for those who simply have larger builds, for those who are quite overweight (medically classified as obese) and for those who are very overweight (classified as morbidly obese). There is also coverage for those who are overweight in combination with a health condition such as sleep apnea or type 2 diabetes.

What is the biggest hurdle for overweight people to get the best price? Unfortunately, some brush over their health details making it difficult to get them the most reasonably priced coverage on the first try.

They might be hardworking persons who have not had time to even track their own weight or health. They might be on a diet and giving a hopeful weight rather than a realistic one. They might be embarrassed, which is absolutely unnecessary because a good agent will respect and value them, not judge them. Our job is to get them the best rate!

Therefore, in order for those of larger builds to get the best life insurance rates, it is important to be as upfront as possible about the following:

1) Current weight

2) Whether they’ve gained or lost weight in the past year

3) Whether they are planning to have, or have had, gastric bypass or similar surgery

4) If they have any health conditions that may or may not be related to weight such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, or hypertension.

Knowing these details will help their agent place them with the lowest price for their unique situation.

However, some policies for those with morbid obesity do not require an exam or medical records, and ask very few health questions. So there are choices for those who do NOT want to divulge their weight, as well.

Having a larger build can make people sensitive about the process of applying for life insurance, but it does not have to be that way. Find an agent or agency that specializes in life insurance for those who are overweight and your case will seem like old hat to them. They will honor you for the person you are. Be honest with them and they will get you an honest quote, and help you get the best priced policy available.

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