Legal Advice On Evaluating A Mesothelioma Case

The asbestos companies and industrialists knew about the hazards of asbestos on the health of workers. Also, these laborers carried home these asbestos fibers and asbestos dust and their family and neighbors inhaled these harmful substances. Because of this, asbestos-related diseases affected not only the workers but also their family members.

The owners and rich industrialists provided no safeguards to their laborers. They did not provide

§ proper ventilation,

§ safeguard masks and

§ protective clothing as even these would cost them extra money.

The short-term economic profits made them blind to the long-term health hazards of their workers. They either concealed the dangers of asbestos or downplayed it from their employees. Still, even now-days, most of the workers don’t know about the hazards of this mineral. Many of the men don’t even know that they are working with asbestos. Due to negligence of the asbestos companies, many people are suffering from

§ loss of quality of life

§ loss of loved ones,

§ loss of ability to work,

§ medical expenses,

§ pain and suffering and


Mesothelioma is caused only because of exposure to asbestos. It has no known cure. The disease has a very long latency period. So, most of the people who were exposed to the disease in their youth contract the disease in their old age. They do not connect their condition to the exposure to asbestos because of the very long 20-50 year gap. The symptoms of the disease are similar to other benign diseases. So, they consider it as signs of ageing and ignore them. Therefore, when they are properly diagnosed, they are in their final stages of cancer. They have only a few weeks or months of life left. This comes as a huge mental and emotional shock for them.

Treatments for mesothelioma

Sometimes, rarely, the disease is detected in the early stages itself. Then, the treatment for the disease helps to reduce the pain and suffering of the patient and the life expectancy is increased. The treatments that are performed during mesothelioma include

§ chemotherapy, to relieve the intensity of the symptoms,

§ radiation therapy, to retard and reduce the tumors and

§ surgery, to remove the body areas affected by tumors so that the disease is cured.

All these medical treatments are very expensive.

Procedural aspects of a mesothelioma case:

Every mesothelioma patient has a right to take legal action against those responsible for his or her condition. The first thing to do upon being diagnosed with mesothelioma is to contact a good mesothelioma lawyer. He will evaluate and review your case and help you with the course of action to be taken. Most mesothelioma lawyers do not charge any fees. Only when a monetary settlement or reward is arrived at, they may charge a fee or percentage of the settlement or reward.

You have to provide the lawyers with as much help as possible. Get all your paperwork done. Make it as clear and comprehensive as possible. The lawyers will evaluate your case on the following grounds.

1) History of your health

The lawyers will evaluate the history based on the diagnosis and all the medical information supplied.

2) History of asbestos exposure

The lawyers will evaluate the level and nature of asbestos exposure in your case and the case will depend on this. He will need to know about

§ whether you knew you were exposed to asbestos,

§ whether you were aware of the hazards of asbestos

§ whether you were exposed as a part of your occupation

§ whether you lived in an asbestos exposed neighborhood or

§ Whether the factory was fireproofed with Asbestos.

3) Source of asbestos exposure

The lawyer will need to know the exact source of asbestos exposure. Sometimes, it is difficult to spot this and you have to work it out with the help of your lawyer.

4) The litigation history of the company

Many companies have already been sued many times for asbestos-related issues. These companies may not want to face another litigation. They may agree to an out of court settlement. However, if this is the first case for the company, then they may want to go in for a trial. Do not worry. It will only be beneficial for you.

It is your duty to help your lawyers to correctly pinpoint the source and also determine the amount of compensation that you require. Remember, though money cannot comfort you, it is an insurance for the life and comfort of the loved ones that you leave behind. So, do not fear to ask your desired amount of compensation.

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