Sims 3 Game Freezes, Learn How to Fix This Problem

It is very frustrating when the Sims 3 game freezes in the middle of the game play. We can not do anything to fix it instantly. The freezing problem is so common that many users have been complaining about it. In this article you will find some important tips which are put together and will help you if Sims 3 game freezes in your computer.

What causes Sims 3 freezing? You shall know the exact reason why is this thing occurring in your computer. It has been seen that the game freezes even in the new computers. There are many ways to fix this problem that you can try. Here are given the most important ones which are used successfully by the users to fix this issue in their computer:

1 > Try using the following 3D settings in nvidia control panel

Conformant texture clamp -> use openGL spec

Force Mipmaps -> trilinear

Texture filtering – trilinear optimisation -> on

Vertical sync -> force on

This technique to lower the graphics can allow computer to use less resources and make it possible to run game without lagging or freezing. However, you may also try to run the game in the Windows Mode rather than the full screen mode. Sometimes the full screen mode also results in Sims 3 game freezing.

2 > Run the registry repair scan to fix the corrupted registry keys created by the game. What happens is that the Sims 3 game freezes in those computers where the Windows registry is corrupted. The registry is an important component of the Windows and it must be in good health. If there will be errors in registry, programs including the games will freeze. You can use some good registry cleaner software for this purpose.

3 > After running the registry repair scan use the latest pathc/update available. The cleaned registry will make it easier for the new updates to run successfully.

4 > Do not use other programs when playing the game.

Source by A. Michelle

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