How to Get World of Warcraft to Run on Kubuntu

One of the more popular games that people want to play on their Linux machines is World of Warcraft. One of the big problems is that this is actually Windows software which by default does not work with Linux since it’s a completely different operating system and different file structure. There is an easy way to install this software to your Kubuntu machine. Many of these steps will be the same for Debian based distributions.

The first piece of software that you need is WineHQ. This can be found in the software manager. This will help Windows executables to work in Kubuntu. Find it, download it, and it will install itself. You will find the WineHQ software in your menu once it’s properly installed.

For one reason or another, it’s best to run a different EXE file on your machine first before installing World of Warcraft. Be sure to take any executable file that you already have and run that once to make sure that WineHQ is actually working on your machine.

Then look for a software in the repositories called “PlayOnLinux”. This will help with the installation of multiple CDs which Warcraft will require. Download and run this program. Find the install tool for Warcraft in this program and run that. Then follow the prompts that you get to install the program.

At this point the software is installed and ready to be used. There may be some issues that you run into. If the program happens to be slow or lagging, there are a couple things you need to check on.

The first is to make sure your graphics card has the proper drivers. Some manufacturers do not make cards that work with Linux at all. Others have drivers made for Linux which you need to have downloaded.

Another thing to check is in the Wine configuration. There are different compatibility modes to choose from like Windows XP mode versus Windows 2000 mode. Change these and open the game to see if it fixes any issues that you might have.

It’s possible to install World of Warcraft to Kubuntu. Learn what pieces of software you need to make this work and some basic tips on setting everything up.

Source by Phil Reusch

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