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What You Need Is Understanding

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The term Understanding, as distinct from Wisdom and Knowledge, means to comprehend. It is the experience of that which is known, or the ability to follow a principle. It is the vivid perception of a phenomenon. It is different from wisdom (ability to make right use of knowledge), and knowledge (information which one has in the mind, or facts that are not hidden).

It is one thing to have the knowledge of God and another thing to have understanding of His ways. The Bible tells us about Solomon, who had great wisdom. He was known as the wisest man on earth, yet Solomon lacked understanding. He married so many wives, some of whom made him to stray from the LORD. Wisdom is not all that is required to live a fulfilled life. When you read the book of Ecclesiastes, you will find how Solomon bemoaned himself for acting foolishly despite his wisdom.

The question remains, what then is there to understand? What the LORD wants us to understand, is His person, authority and power as the Most High, to whom we owe our lives and our entire being. As we pray and call upon His Name, He asks: do they understand the Person unto whom they call and pray? As we gather before His presence in fellowship, He asks: do they understand the One in whose presence they gather? Do they understand that I am He who dried up the Red Sea and Jordan, whose voice thunders, the one who kills and makes alive, etc? (Isaiah 40:21-28). Do they understand who they call their God and heavenly Father? If they do, why do they contemplate backsliding; why must they be forced to pay tithe and give offerings; why must they be forced to pray are read the Bible? The Lord will not cease wondering at our foolishness most of the times.

Because understanding can change and reshape our lives, we need it to live a victorious life, for no man can have this understanding (not just mere knowledge), and remain the same. When we understand this striking point, it keeps away fear, unbelief, doubt and failures. It turns sinners to saints, weakness to strength, poverty to wealth, and sickness to health (John 4:10; Ephesians 1:17-23). It makes a man live above his fears. Oh, that there are among us today those who understand, or those who desire to understand, to such shall the arm of the LORD be revealed!

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