Elections in Nigeria

One may really ask whether Nigerians know what elections really mean. Why, someone else may ask? The point is that Nigeria has never had totally free and fair elections since it became a country and joined the League of Nations. The most interesting part is that Nigeria has a well written constitution.

The constitution states in one of its sections that every citizen of the country that has attained the age of 18 has the right to vote but most people in the country that have reached the age of voting and being voted for have never seen or touched the voter’s card much less to cast vote during elections.

Does it mean that an average Nigerian doesn’t like elections? No, far from it; the point is that most of the citizens that have reached the age of voting don’t believe in the elections. They believe that going to the polls is immaterial because the elections are more of selections than actual elections. So whether they vote or don’t vote somebody must emerge as the winner of the elections because the winner had been determined even before the elections proper.

Elections in Nigeria seem to be a mere open rehearsal of what had been done in the secret. Politicians in Nigeria see elections in the country as a do-or-die affair so they employ young men that will maim or eliminate anyone that will stand as an opposition against their political ambition. The politicians are ever prepared to rule the people by force. That is, they are ready to rule you even against your wish.

Source by Edeh Chijioke

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