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Who Invented the Clock?

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There is no specific person of who invented the clock as different clocks were invented by different persons.

The first type of clock is the astronomical calendars. This is used by men to tell time by. When looking upon the sky, they realized that the moon, sun and stars were moving in cycles and hence the Sumerians invented a calendar with 30 days in a month and 12 periods in a day. The Stonehenge in Britain was a famous timekeeping monument. It could update various astronomical and seasonal occurrences such as the eclipses, equinoxes and others.

The Egyptians and the Chinese were the ones who first used the lunar calendar. Later on the Egyptians invented the year having 365 days, according to the time when the Dog Star Sirius rises near the Sun. The Mayans too had accurate calendar. They used the Sun, the Moon and also the Venus planet. The Sun and water clocks are also a type of clock. The Egyptians invented obelisk, a type of sundial, where its shadow was used to identify the time of the day. The water clock comes in different models. One oldest water clock was a vessel having a hole at the bottom. When it was filled with water, it would flow out at a constant rate. Chinese were using the water clocks to record time of the emperor consort’s fertility.

The first very accurate yet modern clock was the pendulum clock. About who invented the clock, it was Christian Huygens, a Dutch scientist in the year 1656. He got an error of 1 minute per day during his first pendulum. After much tweaking, it was reduced to an error of 10 seconds. Galileo Galilei had also dreamed of designing a pendulum but never had the chance.

Numerous inventors made improvements of Huygens’ pendulum later on. The error margin was reduced to 1 second by George Graham. John Harrison won an award for successfully inventing the chronometer to be used at sea. Its accuracy was up to within 0.2 second. Siegmund Riefier further enhanced the clock to just an inaccuracy of 0.01 second in 1889. However W. H. Shortt invented another clock in 1921, which had overshadowed that of Siegmund Rirefier’s. The clock invented by Shortt had two pendulums, one acting as the slave to push the master to move and another to keep the clock’s hands moving.

Another type of clock is the Quartz clock. The presence of the amazing Quartz clock pushed the pendulum way out from the vogue of clock. It was a Canadian engineer, Warren Marrison who had invented the Quartz clock. His discovery of the usage of quartz crystals vibration in the electric circuit resulted in perfect accuracy of time. And hence, from 1930s onwards, this technique had been used widely as the standard timekeeper.

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