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Is Your Education Adequate?

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Have you ever stopped to think that much of what you learned in school was simply nonsense or rewritten to be politically correct for the period in which it was produced? Have you ever noticed that the history books seem to modify things ever 20 years or so? Worse, have you ever considered that you were force fed information and you had to commit to memory stuff that was pretty irrelevant and yet, never learned so many things that were?

This is one of the biggest complaints of those who go onto higher learning in a certain subject, they find that what they had learned before, well, it was not complete and much was inaccurate. This often, makes them wonder if all the other subjects were also the same. Guess what, they were and that’s why I believe in a lifetime of learning and would submit to you that it is time for you to complete your incomplete education and thus, I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend an excellent book to you to help you do just that;

“An Incomplete Education” by Judy Jones and William Wilson; Ballantine Books, New York, NY 1987

This book goes through all the major subjects such as; American Studies, Art History, Economics, Film, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Science and World History. It explains the fallacies presented in education and corrects them, and it points to the things that you probably never had the chance to learn, but should readily know, if you had a complete education.

This book is filled with facts and figures and does not waste your time, but it is a lot of information and a good 600 plus pages. It is fun to read by chapter or straight through, I’ve read much of it, but keep it in my library for a reference, and I believe you should too.

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