How to Succeed in 6th Grade

When you walk in on the first day of Middle School you are feeling anxious, nervous, scared, excited, and many other mixed feelings. This is typical for any student that is entering elementary school, middle school, or high school. The best way to go about your day is to act natural, not get in trouble, pay attention, follow directions and most importantly make a good first impression on all of your teachers.

Now, after a few weeks of learning the system and the expectations your teachers have set, you now have to be responsible for your assignments that your teachers give you. The best way to not forget when assignments are due and when you have to work on them is to put up a calendar in a place that you see all the time. The other key part of being responsible is, knowing when your tests/quizzes are and when you have to study for them. The best way to study for a test or quiz is to study for it a little each night and then do a review on the last night. On the day of the test or quiz you should eat a good healthy breakfast to get your brain going.

Third of all, if your grades first quarter in 6th grade aren’t what you hoped for, then jot down some goals for improvement in 2nd quarter and share them with your guidance counselor/parents and he/she will do their best to help you accomplish your goals. If one of your goals was to get better grades then jot down some of these one of a kind tips for getting good grades:

1. Study harder and be harder on yourself about getting good grades.

2. Get at least 9 hours of sleep every night.

3. Do some extra practice through fun online educational games.

4. Eat a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Don’t watch as much TV as you usually do (limit yourself to a half an hour).

6. Don’t play video games as much as you usually do (limit yourself to a half an hour).

7. Ask for some extra practice from your teachers.

8. Take your time on your homework and don’t rush through it.

9. Review and study your day’s work after school every day.

10. Review and correct quizzes/tests you may have done poorly on and learn from them.

I guarantee you these tips will help your grades significantly. Another thing that will help you is good test taking strategies.

Source by Trent Granholm

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