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Higher Education Vs Self Education

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I don’t have anything against “higher education.” I love education. I speak two languages. I am an expert bike mechanic; a skilled botanist. I know a lot about fitness and nutrition. I am a skilled debater in many subjects. I have conquered the business world (when I choose to be a part of the rat race). I know a lot about religion, amongst other things. The only things I took classes in besides graduating from high school is tae kwan do and jui-jitsu. I am now currently seeking to start my own landscaping business. I also hope to one day own property somewhere in The Emerald Triangle.

For some reason society seems to put a stigma on the self educated. I have qualified skills in a lot of different things yet because I didn’t go to University or some trade school and I’m not certified in this or registered in that my education and skills are not recognized by society as being valid. Why should I have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a “higher education” when I can go to Barnes and Noble or Borders bookstores and get just about any up to date book on just about any subject.

For example: I wanted to learn Spanish. The first thing I did was I went and got a book on learning Spanish. I immersed my self in studying Spanish at the same time I found every non English speaking Hispanic I could find and talked in Spanish every opportunity I got. I wanted to learn how to grow high quality pot. I went and bought two excellent books on marijuana horticulture.I moved to an area in Northern California known for growing the chronic, spent countless hours researching on the internet, asked questions to every grower I met, worked on a medical marijuana farm; grew my own crops; and now I can grow connoisseur quality weed. Whenever I get into something I excel. Why? Because I am passionate about everything that interests me.

Do I really need a certificate, registration, masters, bachelors, doctorate etc. to show the world that I am good at something? If I understand correctly didn’t Bill Gates drop out of college and then go on to build one of the most successful financial empires on the face of the earth and to become a multi-billionaire. Have you ever tried to engage a University educated individual in a philosophical conversation. Thats an interesting experience. Most of them make as much sense as an uneducated hillbilly and have a tendency to make a multitude of contradicting statements.

The one thing you can’t argue is the money. Some university educated people go on to successful careers. But so do some non-university educated people. Adolf Hitler went from being a homeless drifter to almost taking over the world. Like I said, I don’t have anything against “higher education”, maybe one day I’ll move on and go for the certifications and registrations, masters, bachelors whatever. I just think its ignorant for society to invalidate someone who’s self educated. What do you think? I welcome any statements, views and opinions even if they’re not the same as mine. I love to debate just about any subject.

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