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Famous Landmarks in American Samoa

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The unspoiled beauty, rich traditions and friendly locals are just a few of the reasons why any traveler would want to visit American Samoa. This tropical paradise will delight you with its glorious mountain ranges, serene bays, and peaceful villages. Website visitors are mostly toured by local guides who present them with the Polynesian traditions. They get to enjoy the beautiful scenery along with observe the Samoans’ lifestyle.

Your exploration starts as soon as you land on Samoan’s main island, Tutuila. You’re immediately greeted by the magnificent view in the harbor along with the city. The National Park located in Pago Pago, is perfectly well worth the pay a visit to. Being found in the capital of Samoa, this national park samples the very best of American Samoa as it is actually three parks situated in four separate islands. The tremendous scenery, remarkable shorelines, and tropical woods would truly make your stop by memorable.

In the event you walk around the classic normal American Samoan village situated in Tula, you may get to check out locals artfully creating siapo – a traditional Samoan cloth. Timber carving is in addition a conventional art as well as tattooing – either one of which may be leisurely seen by way of outdoors windows of houses or in markets.

While there are lots of hotels that could cater to your lodging needs, there is also a homestay program in Samoa in which locals open their homes to website visitors who wish to experience the local Samoan tradition.

American Samoa has a tropical climate, and it is advised that you pack casual summer clothing. It is also worth noting that it truly is customary in Samoa for both adults to cover very much of their body, while using shoulders and knees aptly hidden.

With all the warmth with the people and the stupendous organic beauty, this small archipelago is undeniably a paradise waiting to be located.

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