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Character Education in Raleigh Schools

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Raleigh Schools believes that a good child is an educated child, so they have implemented a Character Education Program in their school system. This Character Education Program will educate each student to be responsible and productive citizens who will be able to effectively manage future challenges. Raleigh Schools are emphasizing the elements of character and providing opportunities for their students to practice their new character building techniques in the community. The Character Education Program in Raleigh Schools is dependent on several core values that represent good character.

What do Raleigh Schools Believe to be the Best Core Values?

– Courage: Raleigh Schools believe that having the courage and determination to do the right thing even when others don’t is an admirable quality to have. Courage also includes trying difficult tasks that are ultimately worthwhile.

– Good Judgment: Good judgment often entails a person to choose worthy goals and setting proper priorities. It also means that you’re able to think about the consequences of your actions before performing tasks.

– Integrity: Schools in Raleigh want their children to have integrity. This means having the inner strength to be truthful, trustworthy, and faithful at all times as well as being just and honorable.

– Kindness: Kindness is perhaps one of the most important elements of character education. Kindness allows individuals to be considerate, courteous, and helpful as well as treating others the way you would want to be treated.

– Perseverance: Schools in Raleigh encourages perseverance above all others because with it, a child can succeed to the highest levels. Persevering in the pursuit of difficult opposition, or worthy goals, shows that they have the patience and fortitude to follow their tasks through to the end even when faced with mistakes or failure.

– Responsibility: Students are being encouraged to be more responsible in Raleigh Schools. This includes carrying out all obligations and duties assigned to them and well as being accountable for their actions, good or bad.

– Self-Discipline: Self-discipline is also another very important part of the Character Education Program in Raleigh Schools. Self-discipline teaches that regulating yourself for improvement and refraining from inappropriate behavior is a necessary component of being in control of your actions. It also encourages doing your best in all situations and being proud of yourself for doing it.

Overall, Raleigh Schools are doing a good thing by trying to teach these core values to their students. However, it is discouraging to know that they have to be doing this because some parents simple aren’t doing their jobs. When did it become up to the schools to teach children how to be good people? That has and always will be a parent’s job.

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